Remember Avatar and Robin Hood? Want to experience archery in a new way?

Throughout history, archery was used for hunting and in war, as training and competitions, and many other social events. Modern technology and development has made ??archery a fun and safe activity.

Robin Hood is one of the most famous "bad guys" and probably one of the best archers
in medieval England. Come and learn more of this story over a coffee and, last but not least, learn to
practise archery. 

We are at Øyangen - the summer range Beito camp, in very picturesque surroundings. We are looking into the woods and here you get to try out our Avatar bows, handmade by highly skilled practitioners in their field.

When? Every Friday. 10.00. A minimum of 6 participants, NOK 310, - pr. person.

Registration no later than the day before Beitostölen Active & Ski tel +47-61 34 13 60.