Via Ferrata Synshorn

Air under your feet, air behind your back, vertical rock walls and tingling in the stomach.

The iron hoops of the Via Ferrata make the vertical walls on Synshorn 1500 meters available to all who are in generally good shape. Experienced guides take you safely up the steep mountain side and along narrow ledges on a suitable route which leads you right to the top on Synshorn.

The name Via Ferrata comes from Italy, where they built the “Via Ferrata”or climbing route in the mountains during the First World War.

The modern version of the Via Ferrata is a prepared route with fixed hedges of steel wire and steel braces. This makes it possible for people without climbing experience to manouvre up an almost vertical rock wall.

The trip takes 3-4 hours and give an airy, but confident and adventurous climb, without the knowledge of rope/wedges.
Guides hand out limbing harness and helmet. It is recommended with hiking boots and gloves.

Age min. 14 years.
All rides require guide.


Via Ferrata with guide & equip.,duration 4 hours in total

Price per person NOK 790.-

For further information and booking, see
call +47  61 35 29 90 or email to