Peak Bitihorn

A friendly peak (1609 m) to trek near Beitostølen.

A friendly Peak to Trek near Beitostolen. Taking a bus or car towards Bygdin travel for approximately 10km. Park at the lap camp by the lake at Stavtjednet and follow the marked trek to the summit of Bitihorn.

From the peak you have great views into the Jotunheimen mountain park; south towards Valdres and to the west you can see the great mountain Mugnetind. All from your position at 1608m above sea level.

The trip signposted B4 is well marked and protected and is a 3-4 hour return trip.

The peak at Bitihorn can also be reached from the front of the mountain. This is a much steeper and challenging climb but shorter.

To reach this you can park at the foot of the mountain using the parking spot marked P in Batskardet, approximately 8km from the centre of Beitostolen.