Hiking in the mountains is more popular than ever, and with Beitostølen as a starting point, you have many options in all possible categories to choose from. From strolling nearby trails or moderate family tours to climb the most powerful peaks in Jotunheimen. Here is an overview of the most visited hiking destinations in Beitostølen's vicinity.


Fagerdalen – 3-4 timer rundtur. Turen starter ved Bygdin.

Fjellturer med guide


2 topp bestigninger i Gjendealpene gjennom Svartdalen.


En koselig topptur i Beitostølens nærområde (Bitihorn 1609 moh).

Through Svartdalen (Black valley)

Hike through the beautiful Svartdalen to Gjendebu.  

Fjelltur med mindre barn?

Vi har samlet noen gode turforslag i nærområdet.

Gråhø 1779 m

Ideal as a family trip, the marked trail that starts at Liastølen close Haugseter.

Besseggen hike

This is the most famous and well known of all the hiking trips in Jotunheimen.

Bygdin - Torfinnsbu - Bygdin

Most often this trip is started with taking the boat from Bygdin to Torfinnsbu and then hiking back to Bygdin.

Hiking paths in the area Beitostølen

You can find a nice choice of walks in the neighbourhood of the village.


This is a good alternative to the Bessegen hike.

Mountain poetry track

Mountain Poetry Track at Beitostolen. Start at Bergo Hytter behind Peppes Pizza.


A great hike to the peak at 1738m above sea level.


A relatively easy 2000 m peak to access to the top at 2105m above sea level.


The trip to Synshorn Mountain is a fairly easy hike and the peak is at 1475m above sea level.


A family friendly hike in Langsua National suitable for children from 4-5 years.