Scenic road Valdresflye

Scenic road Valdresflye (Nasjonal turistveg Valdresflye) runs between Garli (Beitostølen) and Hindsæter and is 46 km long.

Nasjonal turistveg Valdresflye (fv 51) provides a straggling vision of the mountains and plains where it almost hovers into Jotunheimen, as the start of an infinite journey.

Heading north you see into the Jotunheimen National Park where the mountains are steeper and wilder than to the south where the landscape stretches out in peaceful nature.

Here are cultural landscapes with mountain farm operations and many of the most traditional tourist companies in the Norwegian mountains. Large parts of the road runs above the tree line with the highest point at 1,389 meters above sea level.

Almost no matter where you choose to stop, you can find great areas for hiking. Especially around Gjendesheim there is a large network of marked trails that invite to both short and long hikes. Besseggen is the most famous hike of them all.

This scenic mountain road is closed during winter, yearly open from April 1st.