Ridderspranget canyon

This famous canyon is a very deep and narrow canyon with white water from the river Sjoa pulsing way below.

Ridderspranget is a canyon which is very deep and about 2 metres wide in the river Sjoa.
The water is forced between the rocks and creates a white water stream. The name Ridderspranget (Knight's leap) is adapted from the Knight Sigvat of Leirholar who lived in the Valley of Vang in the 12th Century.

According to storytellers, Sigvat went to Vågå to steal a bride, the beautiful ”Skarvansloa”, from the Knight Ivar Gejeslinge, after also setting fire to his farm Sigvat was chased and during the chase he jumped the canyon with his bride in his arms. He then killed the first of Ivar’s men and escaped. Later they came to an agreement whereby Sigvat gave to Ivar the area surrounding Heimdalsvatnet for the burning of the farm and stealing of the bride.

From road 51 you can follow a 1km road to Ridderspranget. Here you can park your car and take a short walk to the canyon. Be careful.