Summer - Popular hike Besseggen

This is the most famous and well known of all the hiking trips in Jotunheimen. Stay in Beitostølen - book our popular Besseggen package deal.

You can take the bus or your car to Gjendesheim. From there you take the boat to Memurubu, and from here you walk the Besseggen back to Gjendesheim.

If you follow the signs and show respect for the mountain this trip is totally secure. At Besseggen you can enjoy the view over the green lake of Gjendevannet and the deep blue Lake Bessvatnet. The green colour of the lake shows that Gjendevannet is a lake made from Glacial water. Small particles from the Glacier float in the water which reflect against the sunlight to produce and amazing strong green colour. Lake Bessvatnet is not filled with glacial water and is therefore deep blue.

The trip takes 6-8 hours. Remember to bring extra provisions and clothing and enjoy the trip.


Book our popular Besseggen Package Deal:

Book our popular Besseggen-package deal. Includes 2 days in shared doble room with 1/2 board, and packed lunch for one day.

Nok 1.850,- per person.
Extra day NOK 725,- per person.

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Visit Norway hiking in Besseggen from Visit Norway on Vimeo.